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Overall, there are many opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education in the state of Texas. You will need to familiarize yourself with this site, as it contains many resources valuable to both aspiring teachers and current teachers.

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Licensure is available to individuals who have completed an in-state or out-of-state teacher preparation program, or who have earned appropriate credentials from outside the state. On rare occasions, school districts may request a school district teaching license for individuals who have not completed a teacher preparation program, or who lack appropriate credentials. There are over 70 early childhood education degree programs in Texas. Some of the top colleges in the state are highlighted below. It also offers a variety of doctorates, including one in early childhood education.

Its undergraduate degree program prepares students for certification in Early Childhood Education through fourth grade EC Public schools employ the vast majority of individuals seeking careers in early childhood education. Aspiring teachers can find jobs listed by district here.

Online Teaching Programs in Texas

The website School Spring also lists jobs in Texas as well. Other employers to become familiar with are private schools, Head Start and Montessori schools. Be sure to research the child care centers in your local area, as many of these centers are in constant need of highly qualified teachers and assistant teachers. There are many professional organizations for teachers in the state of Texas that share similar visions.

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Most Texas colleges and universities require students to participate in student teaching directly in the classroom setting, full-time, for a period of between 12 and 20 weeks. You will be placed into a classroom consistent with the grade level and subject area in which you wish to teach once certified.

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An experienced teacher will host you, observing your progress and performance. You will be evaluated during your student teaching experience by your mentor teacher as well as by a field supervisor from your teacher preparation program. If you are applying for Texas teacher certification for the first time, you must have a national criminal history background check run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI.

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This will involve fingerprinting. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the background check and fingerprinting. You will be given more information on this process from your teacher preparation program or when you apply online for standard certification. This program, offered by the Texas Department of Public Safety, provides electronic capture and submission of your fingerprints through live scan technology.

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For more information on teacher preparation programs in Texas, contact the colleges and universities offering them. For more information on teacher certification in Texas, contact the Office of Educator Certification at Washington, DC. COM Making the process easy Texas Teaching Certification Learn how to become a teacher in Texas or administrator.

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Initial Teaching Certification I'm a teacher from another state Teacher Certification Renewal Texas Education Statistics Avg. Alternative Teaching Certification Substitute Teaching Permit None of the above are what I'm looking for Help Make Education A Priority.

Choosing a Degree Program in Texas

Certification Options As of , Texas issues only one type of teaching certificate to educators: the Standard Certificate. There are temporary certificate options available in certain circumstances, including: Probationary Certificate — the certificate you apply for if you are in an alternative route certification program allows you to teach while completing your teacher preparation education.

Valid for one calendar year. One-Year Certificate —issued if you meet all requirements except examination requirements.

Valid for one year only. Examinations Your educator education program will typically provide you with information and the opportunity to take the appropriate educator examinations.