Decoding mopar engine identification numbers

Passenger Automatic Seat Belt. Acclaim LeBaron 4 Dr Spirit. Imperial, 5th Ave. Active Restraint,. Passenger Air Bag.

Mopar Engine Codes (version 1.4)

Dynasty New Yorker Salon. Imperial New Yorker 5th Ave. Acclaim LeBaron Conv Spirit. Cirrus Stratus. Breeze Cirrus Stratus. Avenger Sebring Cpe. Concorde Intrepid. Dual Front Air Bags. Dual Front Side Air Bags. LHS M — Sebring Coupe Stratus Coupe. Manufactured by Daimler Chrysler Corporation.

Manufactured by Daimler Chrysler Canada, Inc. Without Air Bags. Intrepid Canada. Osnabrueck, Germany. Sebring or Stratus Coupe. Hemi Multiple Displacement. Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. Manufactured by Daimler Chrysler Mexico. For the most part, muscle cars have lead rough lives. And cars that see years of hard use tend to break parts. Parts like engines, transmissions and rear ends.

Light and compact, the posed much less of an engineering challenge to fit in the new A-body chassis. While never intended to be a powerhouse, high compression, solid-cammed 4-bbl versions of the did run well in cars like the Barracuda Formula S.

Dodge Sample VIN

Simply because the was designed from the outset as a performance engine. Look at the stats: high compression, big valves 2. These engines were built to perform well and stay together doing it. The 6-bbl s had beefier blocks with thicker main webs to go along with the forged crank and rods. The cylinder heads were also unique to the 6-bbl engine. Chrysler relocated the intake pushrods, which allowed a much larger intake port opening and thus more flow. The valvetrain was adjustable, and induction chores were handled by three Holley 2-bbls on an aluminum intake manifold. In late , with factory performance nearing an end, the got a cast crankshaft and heads from the But as far as small blocks go, the is legendary.

Though only equipped with a 2-bbl and a relatively low compression, the was still able to turn out horsepower gross rating in its first year of production. Help did arrive in the form of a 4-bbl carb in though, and power rose to net horsepower. Interestingly enough, the is still in production, and the latest versions still generate net horsepower.

The beauty of the new engine is that through fuel injection and computer controls, this level of power is possible with good fuel mileage and low emissions. The 1-year-only engine was considered a little brother to the Both a 2-bbl and 4-bbl existed with the 4-bbl making hp. With only 2 years of production, these engines are quite rare today. Initially only available in Chrysler division cars, Dodge and Plymouth got it in In the Max Wedge was introduced and in the capable hands of racers like Dick Landy, the was breaking records all over the country.

Through fine-tuning and careful modification, Super Stock racers of the day were making upwards of rear-wheel horsepower with the Max Wedge.

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This information will be helpful for ordering parts- Thankyou Mike Smith. I have a casting number , I can not find what CID it is…could you please help? Hello, I have the chance to buy a block. Is this a magnum engine or not? When did they switch to the magnum for the ?

I purchased a Challenger Rallye and was wondering if the numnbers stamped on the passneger side of the motor always matched the Vin. Also, what do the numbers stamped below hte head on the drivers side mean.

Is there a way to decode them. My read GM P Hi don, I do know after your casting number it says and 13 is the nickeling content of the block. Ive been told 14 is the highest.

Where can I find the VIN on my engine?

I have a thats a out of a dump truck, my nickeling is Hope that helps! Hi, I have read this page. I have a motor that was said to be from a plymouth, the casting number is The casting date is 7. Any help with ID of this motor greatly appreciated.

How To Identify Your Imperial Engine

And, where can you look up these numbers? I recently bought a new crated engine that has a casting Can anyone tell me exactly what this engine was built for? I have a motor, the pad under the distributer says: D 88 R I understand this means ist a intended for Regular fuel. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks Jesse Maxeyjr verizon.

My engine have casting number in front, passenger side. What would that casting telling? Side of the block have not any codes. Only in both ends of block have A2 stamp.

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I have a block with casting number and other set of numbers NE — is this a hemi motor? My huband passed away a few years ago and this was in the garage. The casting is Anyone have more info or a website? I am looking to buy a 2 x 4 intake manifold for a poly head mopar engine. If anyone has one or knows anyone that does. Please contact Ramon by email at: millerramon66 yahoo. Thanks for the information. I did find my engine casting number on your list. What does family refer to. I have a with and would like to know what year it is…. Anyone intrested in 2 completly rebuilt Chrysler marine ci engines w forged cranks?

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Nothing was overlooked on these engines. If so contact me at oneclovis yahoo. Can anyone tell me what site to go to and find casting codes for dodge truck blocks.

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  4. I have a engine block dated I have a qustion about a mopar perform. I dont have the box that it came in but I do have all the lifters in their orig. I know its mechanical purple shaft.

    I just dont know ifits a. It has some on the end of it they are theese are stamped on the other end of the t. Any help would be appreciated. I have two engines a ,and a with casting numbers of. Hi, Kevin! Send your phone number im very indresting your T-A engine! And send me information and pics. I have a block I rescued from the top of a hill and would like to find more info on it if possible.

    The casting number is Does anyone have any info on the Direct Connection race block? Is it the same as the , specs etc??