Find out peoples aim screen name

People Are Revealing Their Very First AIM Screen Names And They’re Embarrassingly Hilarious

This was the identifier that showed up on the "Buddy List," that accompanied our away statuses, and that our crush would see when we sent a flirty pre-teen message. It often included random numbers, extra letters for no reason, and capital letters in odd places. Some screen names were an indicator of how we wanted to be seen at the time.

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Others were immature jokes among friends. There's never been a better time to remember your identifier: Today, Oath, the parent company of AIM, announced that the service will be discontinued on December 15, We asked 12 people to share their hilarious screen names and the inspiration or lack thereof behind them. Click through for a reminder of your own time spent with the little yellow running man. This piece was originally published on February 21, In an effort to improve user trust and safety, Airbnb announced today that its goal is to verify all of its properties by next December.

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After five people. Because there were no fields to fill out, you could tell the world who you were dating, list your best friend's initials which could get dicey and express yourself via emo lyrics.

I spent countless hours on AIM. I remember using it through , but then — like almost everyone else — I stopped logging on. Myspace, and then Facebook, and then Snapchat and others ultimately filled a space that was once mainly occupied by AIM.

I Used AIM for the Last Month to See if It's Still Good

You can still log in to your old account through AIM. After logging in, I was smacked in the face with awkward screen name nostalgia, including gems like babiesguts , abercrombie and hazyxeyed no screen name was complete without a string of numbers or a random "xo" placed in the middle. For reasons unknown, I found that I had blocked blacklabel I immediately though of SmarterChild, a chatterbot you could interact with but who was not nearly as helpful as, say, Siri.

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But SmarterChild wasn't online. ActiveBuddy, the company that created messaging bots in was later renamed Colloquis, was purchased by Microsoft in SmarterChild was no more.

What Was You First AIM Screen Name? - REACT to FILM AU

Surprisingly, someone on my Buddy List was actually online, so I messaged her. She was using AIM and didn't even realize it. A few months later, I logged in again to find two people online.

What Your AIM Screen Name Says About The Type Of Awkward Middle Schooler You Were | Betches

One ignored me, but luckily, my cousin didn't. Despite not being totally alone on when I logged in, there wasn't really anyone to chat with. And while this shouldn't have been a huge surprise, I had to admit, I found myself getting kind of sad about AIM's slump into its current state. Many of the features that characterized the heyday of my AIM were gone: the warn function which was fun but could actually slow users' connections and even kick them offline , as well as profiles with each letter in a different color of Comic Sans and Myspace links.

Although it may not get full credit for it, AIM was a precursor to today's Internet. The Buddy List has a striking resemblance to Facebook's sidebar chat function; the Facebook Poke is basically a nicer, creepier version of the warn button.